This body of work combines and juxtaposes the beauty of nature and the ignorance of mankind regarding the world they live in and the power of society. Through transforming mundane spaces into something extraordinary it is an alternate and metaphorical representation of the ever tipping balance between the materialistic greed of man and the destruction of natural beauty.

One of the most recognised birds throughout the world is the Magpie, and despite the decline in many other species of animal and their habitats, this competitive and social bird population appears to be steadily increasing worldwide without concern. 

A common misconception about Magpies, stemming from 1700’s folklore suggesting that they are attracted to shiny objects, could ironically be referred to when observing humans. An obsession for things that individuals don’t possess themselves can be witnessed through the destruction of our planet and it’s other inhabitants in order to reap anything from food, oil, medicine, material or in a blinded pursuit of industrial construction.

It is overlooked that there hasn't always been a booming patriarchal industrialised society to control people, instead, instinct ruled and the wilderness was home.

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